Membership Reports

Membership reports are released twice each month and include membership transmittals processed by Department Headquarters as of that date. These reports include both online and traditional (mailed) transmittals.

Remember, you are not alone in doing membership! It is a team effort whether at the squadron, district, or detachment level. If you need help ask. If something does not make sense, or you need clarification, ask.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Matthew Verkuilen, Detachment Membership Director, at

To download a copy of the 2022-2023 Membership Program click on the link below.
2022-2023 Membership Program (PDF)

2023 Membership Year
2021-09-15_Membership Report (PDF)

2022 Membership Year
2021-08-16 Membership Report (PDF)
2021-09-16 Membership Report (PDF)
2021-09-30 Membership Report (PDF)
2021-10-15 Membership Report (PDF)
2021-10-31 Membership Report – Revised (PDF)
2021-11-15 Membership Report (PDF)
2021-12-11 Membership Report (PDF)
2022-01-25 Membership Report (PDF)
2022-02-19 Membership Report (PDF)
2022-03-27 Membership Report (PDF)
2022-04-19_Membership Report (PDF)
2022-09-01 Membership Report (PDF)